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Go Touchless with Geberit

Wave Goodbye to Germs

Take control of bathroom hygiene with Geberit’s modern water-saving and touchless products. Reduce cross-contamination and improve hygiene with hands-free flush plates.


Geberit Sigma10 touchless dual-flush activation helps curtail the spread of germs. Going touchless with Sigma10 delivers the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and hygiene. Sigma10 touchless plates come in unique combinations of finishes and colors, with battery or hard-wired power options. A matching touchless urinal flush plate is also available. The Sigma10 is easy to use: simply wave a hand near the sensor to flush or just walk away.

  • Sigma10 silver touchless actuator flush plate
  • Sigma10 touchless actuator plate in urinal
  • Sigma10 touchless actuator

Sigma 80

Geberit Sigma80 is a touchless dual-flush plate with a modern flair in black or mirrored glass finishes. Choose from five user-selectable colors for the dual-flush LED bars – change the LED color to match your décor or your mood. Wave your hand near the large or small LED bar to select full flush or water-saving flush. Sigma80 can even be set for an automatic flush that activates as the user walks away.

  • Sigma80 black with magenta lights
  • Sigma80 actuator plate
  • Sigma80 black actuator with blue lights