Geberit North America


Dual-flush plates for Sigma
series in-wall toilet systems

New Styles and Finishes!

Design that sets the standard

Harmonious proportions, high-quality materials, and first-class workmanship make the Geberit Sigma50 flush plate the standard bearer of our entire line.

In 2014, world-renowned industrial designer Christoph Behling updated the Sigma50. Without altering the dimensions of the plate, Behling made the sleek glass surface the focus of attention. Eliminating the metal border gives the new-look Sigma50 a lighter aspect that seems to float in front of the wall. And in 2019, Geberit and Behling collaborated again to make the Sigma50 sleeker and more touchable than ever!

Quality materials and workmanship are evident in every detail. The sharp edges of the high-quality safety glass are now carefully chamfered. Both flush buttons, made from highly polished die-cast zinc, have a slightly curved contour.

Choose a custom overlay

When laying out the features of the bathroom, why not offer your client the opportunity to design the flush plate? With a customizable Geberit Sigma50, you can cut a personalized overlay to your client's exact specifications. Match the wallcovering, display a prized photograph, insert a piece of abstract art -- the only limit is the imagination.

Endless possibilities

Apart from the customizable option, Sigma50 is available in multiple colors and materials, with four different finish options for frame and buttons. Every Sigma50 flush plate is a feast for the eyes and a joy to touch.

  • 23 color options
  • Water-saving dual-flush
  • Surfaces of glass, plastic, or metal
  • Made of die-cast zinc
  • Matching urinal actuator available
  • "Frameless" design
  • Includes mounting frame and hardware
  • 115.788.DW.5 Sigma50 flush plate

Zinc frame in chrome

Model No. Finish List Price (USD)
115.788.00.2 Customizable overlay $539.00
115.788.11.2 White $539.00
115.788.21.2 Polished Chrome $693.00
115.788.DW.2 Black $539.00
115.788.GH.2 Brushed Chrome $693.00
115.788.JK.2 Lava Glass NEW! $693.00
115.788.JL.2 Grey Sand Glass NEW! $693.00
115.788.JM.2 Mustang Slate $693.00
115.788.JV.2 Concrete Look NEW! $685.00
115.788.JX.2 Black Walnut NEW! $1076.00
115.788.SD.2 Smoked glass $693.00
  • 115.788.DW.5 Sigma50 flush plate

Zinc frame in PVD black chrome – NEW!

Model No. Finish List Price (USD)
115.671.00.2 Customizable overlay $899.00
115.671.11.2 White $899.00
115.671.DW.2 Black $899.00
115.671.JM.2 Mustang Slate $1124.00
115.671.JV.2 Concrete Look $1124.00
115.671.JX.2 Black Walnut $1533.00
  • 115.788.DW.5 Sigma50 flush plate

Zinc frame in PVD red gold color – NEW!

Model No. Finish List Price (USD)
115.670.00.2 Customizable overlay $899.00
115.670.11.2 White $899.00
115.670.DW.2 Black $899.00
115.670.JM.2 Mustang Slate $1124.00
115.670.JV.2 Concrete Look $1124.00
115.670.JX.2 Black Walnut $1533.00
  • 115.672.JX.2 Sigma50 flush plate

Zinc frame in PVD brass color – NEW!

Model No. Finish List Price (USD)
115.672.00.2 Customizable overlay $899.00
115.672.11.2 White $899.00
115.672.DW.2 Black $899.00
115.672.JM.2 Mustang Slate $1124.00
115.672.JV.2 Concrete Look $1124.00
115.672.JX.2 Black Walnut $1533.00