Geberit innovations

New for 2022! Our latest products

Toilet and urinal flush plates now programmable from your smartphone. Plus, our new Sanitary Flush unit helps keep your building's water safe.

Urinal actuators with Bluetooth® control

Smartphone communicating with a Geberit urinal flush actuator

Our touch-free urinal flush plates are easier to use than ever! Download our Geberit Control app to program, monitor, and maintain our Type 10 and Type 50 plates from the palm of your hand.

Type 10 urinal plates
Type 50 urinal plates

Sanitary Flush Module

Exploded view of Geberit sanitary flush module in an in-wall toilet system

Add our new module to your Geberit 2x6 in-wall system, and keep the water in your plumbing system moving for better hygiene.

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