Sanitary Flush ControlImprove Hygiene and Keep Water Flowing

Sigma01 flush plate in brass galvanized finish

Eliminate dangerous stagnant water and stinky, dried-out fixture traps

Standing water at room temperature (and higher) is the perfect environment for Legionella and other waterborne bacteria to multiply unnoticed. These pathogens love to hide in “dead legs” of plumbing systems, where there is often stagnant or semi-stagnant water. Hotels and health care buildings are common breeding grounds, as well as high-rise buildings with long plumbing runs, multiple plumbing chillers, and ice machines. Low-use buildings like weekend homes are also susceptible to stagnant drinking water and dried up fixture traps due to limited use. Geberit has thousands of concealed tanks installed in these types of buildings, so what can we do?Studies have shown that frequent, automatic line purges help keep waterborne pathogen counts down. And that's exactly what the Geberit Sanitary Flush Unit does!

  • Health and safety upgrade in hospitality guest rooms, multifamily buildings, weekend homes, and other infrequently used buildings where a Geberit Sigma 2x6 Concealed Tank is installed.
  • Automatic Interval Flush keeps cold water flowing through pipes to remove stagnant water
  • Programmable to run automatically every 1 to 168 hours, with flush length time of 1 to 200 seconds (factory setting 72 hours at 5 seconds)
  • Pair with any new or existing Geberit manual actuator Sigma01 to Sigma60
  • Installs in minutes with 3V battery kit (or 12V mains kit, transformer required)
  • NEW! Wireless remote programming, operation, and monitoring via Geberit Connect smartphone app (Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android smartphones) or via Geberit Service Handy (IR interface)

Models Available

Model No.DescriptionList Price (USD) flush control unit, 12V mains power, for Sigma 2x6 in-wall systems$350.00 flush control unit, battery-operated, 3V, for Sigma 2x6 in-wall systems$425.00