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The guest bathroom as a calling card

Small handrinse basin for guest bathroom from Geberit Citterio

You've displayed a sense of style in designing the guest bathroom. Welcoming colors and high-quality materials, a sufficiently dimensioned washbasin with simple wall-mounted faucets, a generously sized mirror, pleasant lighting, and a quiet exhaust fan help to ensure that your guests feel at ease. And for that added extra for your guests (as well yourself) you can also install a wall-hung bidet. As the host, you can also do your visitors a favor by observing the following minor details:

  • Unused clothes hooks for jackets or pullovers
  • Two or three rolls of soft toilet paper in reserve
  • A dry and clean toilet brush
  • Sufficient liquid soap or a decorative – but functional – bar soap
  • A pile of fresh small hand towels and a laundry basket
  • A small empty waste bin with a lid

Avoid old magazines, incense sticks, and dusty, dried flowers. Well-meaning instructions on how to use the toilet are also inappropriate. On the other hand, if you have space for a vase of fresh flowers, you can give your guests a very pleasant surprise.

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But, what exactly are your needs? Is space, cleanliness or the design important to you? Would you like user-friendly products or would you prefer that extra degree of comfort that a toilet with bidet seat, for example, has to offer? Or would you prefer a universal design? No matter what your needs are, we simplify your daily routine with our clever bathroom solutions.

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