It doesn’t pay to be a Scrooge

You want your dream bathroom. Endless inspiration for the project comes from glossy magazines, Pinterest, or Instagram. It's easy enough to want a new bathroom, however, but it's much more complex to design and create it. Building owners often make compromises in order to minimize costs, but this can have dire consequences later on. Here are a few tips to stop this happening.

Sigma50 and Sigma21 new metal colours
Various actuator plates available

Quality first and foremost
If building owners have a sound budget plan and a great basis for inspiration, they can clarify any concerns well in advance.
Tip 1: Make a sound budget plan and have a clear room design.

Somewhere between a dream and reality
If the initial situation is clear, sanitary companies or architects can help to create the most feasible suggestion from your dream plan.
Tip 2: It is a great help to have an experienced and capable partner by your side.

Please touch
A bathroom is not just about the look – it’s also about what it is actually like to use. And glossy magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram can lead you to believe that bathroom products have a high value that is simply not the case.
Tip 3: Go to showrooms, trade fairs, and plumbers’ showrooms to touch the products and feel their quality before making any decisions.

If the quality is up to the mark and manufacturers keep their promises, you will be happy with your dream bathroom for many years to come.

Here’s one last tip for you: everything that is installed behind the wall, from the pipes to the toilet tank, is difficult to repair or replace. That's why you should keep your eyes open and opt for quality.

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