Planning a barrier-free bathroomThis is how it’s done

Our requirements of a bathroom change as we get older, with illness, or after an accident. Taking accessibility into account during planning saves time and money later. Our checklist will help you plan a barrier-free bathroom, also suitable for the elderly, that meets modern design requirements.

What is a barrier-free bathroom?

Barrier-free bathroom with washplace, WC and floor-even shower

Having a barrier-free bathroom is all about removing obstacles. Barrier-free bathrooms are age-appropriate, wheelchair-accessible, or adapted for the less-abled. They allow people with limited mobility to continue to take care of their own personal hygiene independently. Barrier-free bathroom design thus ensures more independence and increases the quality of life.

Sufficient space and freedom of movement, good lighting conditions, and anti-slip flooring are important prerequisites for age-appropriate bathrooms. When it comes to bathroom fixtures, walk-in showers, wheelchair-accessible washbasins, and height-adjustable, wall-hung toilets are convenient and safe.

Checklist for barrier-free bathrooms:take the following points into consideration

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