Spotlessly clean right into the corners

Cleaning the Geberit Sigma20 actuator plate

It is important for the bathroom to have a chic design and clever functions, but for the user, cleanliness is even more important. Get your bathroom sparkling clean with a few simple tricks.

  • Easily accessible
    Bathroom accessories organized into boxes can be easily stashed away, leaving clear surfaces that can be cleaned quickly and easily. Or even better: use practical organizing boxes to take full advantage of the bathroom furniture interiors.
  • Easily emptied
    Toilet brush holders need to be as clean as the toilet brushes themselves; otherwise, residual water in the holders will quickly spread an unpleasant smell – so they should have a simple design and be easy and safe to clean.
  • Flushing
    Discharge pipes need to be cared for, even if they are not visible in the bathroom. Deposits can quickly build up in traps or on ceramic surfaces, making them harder to clean. To avoid this, make sure you rinse them regularly with sufficient quantities of water.
  • Clean more often
    The joints around the toilet and washbasin are the main areas where dirt, germs, or water splashes are deposited. This can cause unpleasant odors to develop. To prevent this, clean the toilet and washbasin regularly, without forgetting to clean the joints from time to time.

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