Duofix In-wall System with Sigma Concealed TankFor 2x4 Construction


When you pair a Geberit installation system with a compatible wall-hung washdown toilet, you get these benefits:

  • Design freedom – choose a toilet bowl from any leading ceramic manufacturer; pair with stylish Sigma series flush actuators or compatible flush buttons
  • Easy cleaning – clean the entire floor with a damp mop, no bending or kneeling
  • Improved accessibility – requires less space than a standard toilet, enhancing safety and comfort; adjustable bowl height meets personal preference or ADA guidelines
  • Water savings – built-in dual-flush, 1.6 / 0.8 GPF or 1.28 / 0.8 GPF saves thousands of gallons every year
  • Superior function – engineered Geberit fill and flush valves eliminate problematic chains and flappers that corrode and fail

Installation and Scope of Delivery

Water Conservation & Rebates

Models Available

Model No.Flush VolumeList Price (USD)
111.798.00.11.6/0.8 GPF$939.00
111.597.00.11.28/0.8 GPF$939.00

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