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Geberit bidet systems

Better hygiene and cleanliness

Functional, safe, reliable

Geberit installation systems for bidets are the perfect complement to our in-wall tank system for toilets, offering safe and reliable operation as well as an attractive aesthetic. Geberit bidet systems are offered in two different frame heights to accommodate different installation requirements. Both include a water supply connection for bidets with deck-mounted fittings.

A perfect match

  • Matching toilet and bidet with Geberit in-wall systems
  • Matching a wall-hung bidet with a wall-hung toilet is a great way to experience the ultimate in bathroom luxury. To get started, turn to Clean Design, our guide to compatible fixtures. You'll find a comprehensive listing of wall-hung bowls that are compatible with the Geberit in-wall system. Once you've found the perfect bowl, visit the ceramic manufacturer's web site to find a matching bidet!

Clean Design (PDF)