Geberit North America


Dual-flush plates for Sigma
series in-wall toilet systems

New Finishes!
  • Dual flush actuator - 115.620.SQ.1 Sigma70 flush plate

Our smoothest touch

The new Sigma70 flush plate from Geberit features a smooth, seamless surface -- without sacrificing dual-flush capability! The secret is the ingenious mount that acts like a rocker switch. Push on the left side to flush solids and on the right side to flush liquids. Hydraulic-assist activation means the Sigma70 operates with the lightest pressure of any of our flush plates (with the exception of our hands-free plates, of course!) The rimless design of the Sigma70 seems to float above the wall. The seamless surface, available in stainless steel or glass finishes, wipes clean easily. No matter which way you look at it, Sigma70 is a smooth operator.

  • Brushed stainless steel or glass surface
  • Option for customized surface available
  • Dual-flush with hydraulically assisted operation
  • Reduced actuation force and travel compared to standard flush plates mean easy activation
  • Floating, "frameless" design
  • Includes water connection, hydraulic lifter with flexible hoses, and mounting frame
Model No. Compatibility Finish List Price (USD)
115.620.00.1 Sigma 2x6 in-wall system Customizable overlay $769.00
115.620.FW.1 Brushed stainless steel $1019.00
115.620.JK.1 Lava Glass NEW! $899.00
115.620.JL.1 Grey Sand Glass NEW! $899.00
115.620.SI.1 White glass with aluminum frame $899.00
115.620.SJ.1 Black glass with aluminum frame $899.00
115.625.00.1 Sigma 2x4 in-wall system Customizable overlay $769.00
115.625.FW.1 Brushed stainless steel $1019.00
115.625.JK.1 Lava Glass NEW! $899.00
115.625.JL.1 Grey Sand Glass NEW! $899.00
115.625.SI.1 White glass with aluminum frame $899.00
115.625.SJ.1 Black glass with aluminum frame $899.00