Geberit North America


Dual-flush plates for Sigma
series in-wall toilet systems

Fingerprint-resistant Matte Finishes Available!
  • 115.883.KH.1

Elegant lines

Sigma30 flush plates are fashionable yet affordable. Available in dual-flush or single, stop-and-go flush, all Sigma30 models feature large rectangular buttons for easy flushing. Sigma30 dual-flush models are molded in plastic and available in eight finishes. Sigma30 single-flush plates are made of durable die-cast zinc and available in six finishes. Whichever you choose, Sigma30 makes it easy to hit the right flush every time.

  • Eight color options
  • Dual-flush built in
  • High-quality molded plastic
  • Matching urinal actutaor available
  • Fingerprint-resistant matte finishes
  • Includes mounting frame and hardware

Plastic models

Model No. Finish List Price (USD)
115.883.14.1 Matte black with polished chrome accent $264.00
115.883.JQ.1 Matte chrome with polished chrome accent $275.00
115.883.JT.1 Matte white with polished chrome accent $264.00
115.883.KH.1 Polished chrome with matte chrome accent $224.00
115.883.KJ.1 White with polished chrome accent $140.00
115.883.KK.1 White with polished gold accent $181.00
115.883.KL.1 White with matte chrome accent $181.00
115.883.KM.1 Black with polished chrome accent $181.00