Geberit North America


Dual-flush plates for Sigma series in-wall toilet systems

  • 115.882.KK.1 Sigma20 flush plate

A touch of fun

Sigma20 flush plates bring a bit of whimsy to your bathroom with their simple, geometric look. A straightforward visual metaphor -- small button for liquids, large button for solids -- makes them easy to use, even if you've never seen a flush plate before. In addition to durable, high-quality plastic models, Sigma20 is now available in two attractive metal finishes: brushed nickel and brushed stainless steel.

  • Molded plastic and stainless steel models available
  • Dual-flush built in
  • Includes mounting frame and hardware

Plastic models

Model No. Finish List Price (USD)
115.882.KH.1 Polished chrome with matte chrome accent $187.00
115.882.KJ.1 White with polished chrome accent $129.00
115.882.KK.1 White with polished gold accent $595.00
115.882.KL.1 White with matte chrome accent $159.00
115.882.KM.1 Black with polished chrome accent $159.00
115.882.KN.1 Matte chrome with polished chrome accent $187.00

Stainless steel models