TurnControl Bath Waste and Overflow A Dazzling Turn

Setting the standard

Bathtub with Geberit TurnControl bath waste and overflow

TurnControl tub drains have become the standard in the industry since their introduction over 25 years ago. With a simple one-eighth turn of the handle, the TurnControl tub drain easily opens and closes. The contoured handles, offered in a variety of finishes, are streamlined focal points that create a truly sharp accent in any bathroom.

  • Industry standard – made in the USA
  • Fits most tubs 12“ - 30“ deep* – a range of cable lengths lets you chose from a wide array of popular tub designs
  • No worries – Teflon® coated stainless steel actuation cable lies outside of the waterway for maximum life
  • Intuitive and lightweight operation – 1/8 turn rotary TurnControl handle for easy, quick drain opening and closing

Installation and Scope of Delivery

  • Includes rough-in piping (select models) with actuation cable, drain shoe, overflow housing, decorative trim (complete units only), installation tools, and mounting hardware

Note: Tubular rough-ins use compression joints and may not be suitable where glued joints are required: consult local codes before installing

Complete Kits Includes trim kit and tubular plastic rough-in unit. Fits tub wall thickness 1/16"-5/16".

Model No.Material - FinishTub Depth*Cable LengthList Price (USD) plastic - Polished chrome17"-24"27"$207.00
150.156.DY.1Molded plastic - White17"-24"27"$216.00
150.156.FF.1Molded plastic - Biscuit17"-24"27"$216.00 - Polished chrome17"-24"27"$278.00
150.176.HM.1Brass - Hard-coat oil-rubbed bronze17"-24"27"362.00
150.176.IB.1Brass - ForeverShine™ PVD polished nickel17"-24"27"$355.00
150.176.ID.1Brass - ForeverShine™ PVD brushed nickel17"-24"27"$355.00

Rough-in Kits Trim kit not included (order separately). Fits tub wall thickness 1/16"-5/16".

Model No.MaterialTub Depth*Cable LengthList Price (USD)" tubular polypropylene (PP), .08" wall17"-24"33"$152.00" tubular polypropylene (PP), .08" wall25"-29"43"$169.00
151.450.00.11-1/2" tubular brass, 17 ga17"-24"27"$477.00
151.460.00.11-1/2" tubular brass, 17 ga17"-24"27"$477.00
151.501.00.11-1/2" tubular polypropylene (PP), .08" wall12"-16"17"$95.00
151.502.00.11-1/2" ABS Schedule 4012"-16"17"$95.00
151.503.00.11-1/2" PVC Schedule 4012"-16"17"$95.00
151.504.00.11-1/2" tubular polypropylene (PP), .08" wall17"-24"27"$101.00
151.505.00.11-1/2" ABS Schedule 4017"-24"27"$101.00
151.506.00.11-1/2" PVC Schedule 4017"-24"27"$102.00
151.508.00.11-1/2" tubular polypropylene (PP), .08" wall17"-24"33"$110.00
151.510.00.11-1/2" ABS Schedule 4017"-24"33"$110.00
151.511.00.11-1/2" PVC Schedule 4017"-24"33"$110.00
151.512.00.11-1/2" tubular polypropylene (PP), .08" wall25"-29"43"$131.00
151.513.00.11-1/2" ABS Schedule 4025"-29"43"$131.00
151.514.00.11-1/2" PVC Schedule 4025"-29"43"$131.00
151.515.00.11-1/2" tubular polypropylene (PP), .08" wall30"59"$147.00
151.516.00.11-1/2" ABS Schedule 4030"59"$147.00
151.517.00.11-1/2" PVC Schedule 4030"59"$147.00
151.518.00.11-1/2" tubular polypropylene (PP), .08" wall17"-24"59"$230.00
151.519.00.11-1/2" ABS Schedule 4017"-24"59"$230.00
151.520.00.11-1/2" PVC Schedule 4017"-24"59"$230.00

Trim Kits Handle and plunger only, rough-in unit not included (order separately).

Model No.Material - FinishList Price (USD)
151.550.11.1Molded plastic - Alpine white$81.00
151.550.16.1NEW! Molded plastic - Matte black$97.00
151.550.21.1Molded plastic - Polished chrome$81.00
151.550.AA.1Molded plastic - Bone$88.00
151.550.DY.1Molded plastic - White$88.00
151.550.FF.1Molded plastic - Biscuit$88.00
151.551.21.1Brass - Polished chrome$133.00
151.551.HM.1Brass - Hard-coat oil-rubbed bronze$209.00
151.551.IB.1Brass - ForeverShine™ PVD polished nickel$204.00
151.551.ID.1Brass - ForeverShine™ PVD brushed nickel$204.00

*Tub depth is only a rough calculation. To ensure proper cable length, refer to our full-line Product and Parts Catalog.