Bathroom with Geberit Sigma70 flush plate in brushed red gold finish


A sleek, frameless design, convex surface, and slimline structure combine to create the floating illusion of this innovative flush actuator plate. Its clean, geometric design and sophisticated materials meet the highest aesthetic standards and make the plate a firm favorite for all those who appreciate its architectural design language.

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The Geberit Sigma70 flush plate uses a tried-and-tested mechanism. The gap between the buttons is as narrow and precise as possible, while still providing a visual cue for the water-saving dual flush. Minimalist design provides simple beauty and intuitive operation.


Sophisticated materials and elegant colors underline the architecturally clean design of the Geberit Sigma70 flush plate. The plate is available in black, grey sand, lava, and white glass, in red gold, black chrome, and brushed stainless steel, in brass, and in matte black and matte white.

  • Wide variety of finishes, including our unique “precious metals“
  • Water-saving dual-flush
  • Floating, “frameless” design
  • Optional mounting frame available

NEW Models AvailableStarting in June 2023

Model No.FinishList Price (USD)
115.622.14.1Matte black$1070.00
115.622.FW.1Brushed stainless steel$1070.00
115.622.JK.1Lava glass$944.00
115.622.JL.1Grey sand glass$944.00
115.622.JT.1Matte white$1070.00
115.622.QB.1Brushed red gold$1349.00
115.622.QD.1Brushed black chrome$1349.00
115.622.QF.1Brushed brass$1349.00
115.622.SI.1White glass$944.00
115.622.SJ.1Black glass$944.00
115.623.21.1Cover frame, polished chrome (optional accessory)$236.00
115.623.QC.1Cover frame, polished black chrome (optional accessory)$236.00