Eye-Popping Design

A "WOW" POWDER ROOM WITH FLOATING FIXTURESMid-Century Ranch - Arden Park, Sacramento, California

Nar Bustamante of Nar Design Group, Sacramento, CA

Nar Bustamante of Nar Design Group , Sacramento, California, used the Geberit in-wall system as part of his “eye-popping” design to maximize space in a small powder room.

The Challenge

Nar Bustamante’s client wanted to stay in his childhood home. The client, who now shared the home with his wife, had fond memories of growing up in his Sacramento neighborhood. Part of the couple’s renovation request to Bustamante was to design a new master suite and to add some excitement to the guest powder room.

As part of the extensive redesign of the Arden Park, California home, Bustamante, President/Founder/Principal Designer at Nar Design Group in Sacramento, California, had to maximize the powder room’s narrow footprint. More importantly, its functional but dated design had to go. The fun-loving young homeowners wanted a daring, European-styled powder room, but they didn’t want to sacrifice space in other living areas. They knew all their guests would eventually visit the room and purposely wanted “fun conversation” after each visit. The room had to have a powerful and entertaining impact while making most of the existing space.

Fun was an important part of the design and an eye-catching European look was essential. Finally, the old 1.6 GPF toilet had to be replaced with a High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) to meet California’s 1.28 GPF mandatory flush requirements.

Eye-Popping Bathroom with Geberit in-wall system designed by Nar Bustamante won second place in 2018 NKBA powder room design category

The Solution

Bustamante met his clients’ very specific desires by recommending and installing Geberit in-wall toilet systems with wall-hung toilets in the renovated master suite and powder room.

“Our young homeowner clients did not want a conventional powder room, but wanted a design that would ‘pop’ to reflect their fun loving lifestyle. We also had to make the most use of their powder room’s narrow space. For the functional side of the renovation we needed dual flush and for the design side a European style with an off-the-floor toilet. We recommended a Geberit in-wall system and the dual flush Sigma01 actuator in Alpine White,” says Bustamante.

“Our design won second place/powder room category in the 2018 NKBA design awards. Geberit helped give my clients the eye-popping bathroom they wanted,” says Bustamante

Bustamante knew that an off-the-floor toilet would provide the additional space needed in the powder room. He was familiar with Geberit in-wall systems after seeing them in his extensive travels throughout Europe and has been installing them without problems ever since.

“I love the system, and we’ve installed a lot of Geberit systems over the years. My clients rely on and trust my recommendations, and I would not jeopardize their approval or my reputation. The Geberit in-wall system is my ‘unseen hero’; it keeps doing its job without much attention and maintenance,” says Bustamante.

As for the fun design with “pop,” Bustamante chose a bold wall covering with the look of peeling rusted metal. The deep turquoise tones of the wall covering contrast with the large white textured tiles that frame the sink and toilet. Indirect fixtures surround the floating sink with glowing white light. Perpendicular brown tile gives an illusion of width to the narrow bathroom. A pocket door with five horizontal glass panels opens up more floor space.

The Geberit in-wall toilet system is surrounded by white tile, giving the feeling of open space and a “floating” toilet that Bustamante and his clients wanted. The Alpine White flush actuator plate blends seamlessly with the white tile around the toilet.

Renovating a narrow space to create a daring powder room for young, modern homeowners without taking too much space away from other living areas was a real challenge. With the help of Geberit and Bustamante’s unique design techniques…it popped!

Design Firm: Nar Design Group

Interior Designer: Nar Bustamante

Cover Photo: Fred Donham of PhotographerLink

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