Frequently Asked Questions

In-Wall Systems

What are the advantages of wall-mounted plumbing fixtures over traditional, floor-mounted fixtures?

Putting the toilet tank inside the wall saves 9 to 12 inches of linear space. Wall-mounted fixtures like toilets, bidets, and washbasins (or lavatories) open up the entire bathroom floor for easy cleaning with a damp mop. In-wall systems allow wall-mounted fixtures to be set at almost any height to accommodate people with all kinds of needs and abilities.
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If the toilet tank is inside the wall, won't it leak or 'sweat' and cause water damage?

A Geberit in-wall toilet tank is made of a seamless piece of plastic that is guaranteed not to leak inside the wall. The tank is insulated to reduce noise transfer and prevent 'sweating'.

Will a wall-mounted fixture sag or fall off the wall? Will the toilet hold my weight?

The Geberit in-wall systems for toilet and bidet are tested and guaranteed to hold up to 880 lbs. (400 kg.) without deforming the frame or wall. The washbasin system is tested up to 330 lbs. (150 kg.), and the urinal system is tested up to 110 lbs. (50 kg.). Any Geberit system, when properly installed, will hold the plumbing fixture in place with no sagging or movement.

How do I perform maintenance on the system inside the wall?

For the bidet and washbasin systems, there are no working parts inside the wall that require maintenance. The toilet and urinal systems feature a flush actuator plate that can be removed from the wall, usually without the use of tools (tamper-resistant plates are available). Removing the flush plate provides access to all working parts for simple repair and replacement.
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How do I find a plumbing fixture that's compatible with the Geberit system?

Geberit publishes a brochure with a comprehensive listing of compatible toilets, bidets, and urinals. In addition, the brochure contains diagrams and instructions to help you figure out if your plumbing fixture is compatible with the system. For washbasins, download the specification sheet  (157 KB) for the system and compare it with the washbasin or lavatory you want to install.
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How do I get help with installing the system?

Visit our Video Center and check out the video "In-wall System for Toilets" for a good overview of the installation process. When you're ready to add the system to your bathroom, use our online Installer Locator to help you find a trained installer in your area. (Note: disable any pop-up blockers to view the Locator.)

Installation and Maintenance

Are replacement parts available?

Yes, parts for our current standard products are available. Complete repair parts information is available in our Product and Parts Catalog. You can find a link to a repair parts drawing on most product pages, or visit our Parts and Accessories page for a listing of commonly requested parts.

Can I install a Geberit product myself?

Yes, Geberit products may be easily installed in a home or business. Helpful videos are available to get you started. Be sure to read and understand the installation instructions provided with your product. To assure you are in compliance with local building codes, it is recommended you consult a local plumber. If you need help with installation, use our Installer Locator to find a trained plumber in your area.

Can I repair my Geberit product?

Yes, in most cases maintenance and repair may be performed quickly and easily. To repair an in-wall toilet system, remove the flush actuator plate from the wall by lifting up slightly and tilting the plate away from the wall. This will provide you with access to all working parts, including the fill and flush valves. Visit the Maintenance section of our Video Center for help with maintaining your in-wall system.

Are submittal drawings available for your products?

See the individual product pages or the full-line Geberit Product and Parts Catalog for the appropriate drawing.


What is the Geberit warranty?

For over 100 hundred years Geberit has stood behind its products. See our Warranty for specific details.

Who do I call with questions about the warranty?

Call Customer Service at 847-803-5000, option 2. A Customer Service Representative can answer your questions.

Discontinued Products

Does Geberit North America currently sell shower toilets or washlet seats?

No. While these products were sold in North America by Geberit in the past, Geberit currently does not sell these products in North America.

What models were sold in the past?

Balena were sold with model numbers 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000.

Does Geberit have any future plans to sell Geberit shower toilet products in North America?

At the present time, Geberit North America does not plan to sell Geberit shower toilet or washlet seat products, because as designed, the Geberit products are not approvable per North American plumbing codes.

Does Geberit service these products in North America?

No. Geberit North America does not service Balena or AquaClean products in North America. For late model Balena or AquaClean service options please contact your original dealer.