Geberit North America

Sound insulation with Geberit

More peace and quiet from the neighbors

Excess noise shouldn't affect your quality of life

  • Noise annoyance due to waste water noise

No one wants to hear what their neighbor does in the bathroom. Geberit products are designed to reduce noise transmission to help keep private functions from becoming a nuisance. The result? Happier families, hotel staff, landlords, sanitary engineers, and plumbers.

Typical sources of noise

  • Typical sources of noise in a building

1. Unhindered sound transmission from the toilet to the floor and walls
2. Loud discharge pipes
3. Planning errors in bathrooms and rooms requiring sound insulation, such as bedrooms

Sanitary installation solutions

  • Sound insulation solutions for sanitary installations

1. Sound-absorbing discharge pipes
2. Sound-decoupled prewalls
3. Discharge pipes on the same floor instead of in the room below
4. Acoustically decoupled wall-hung toilets
5. Good acoustic planning

Reliably quiet

  • Geberit Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory

Geberit leaves nothing to chance but takes active steps to improve noise abatement, including:

  • Our own Geberit Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory
  • Training for customers
  • Testing all products for dozens of construction situations
  • Meeting the very toughest code requirements