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Geberit in semi-public restrooms

Give public spaces a private feel

  • Geberit in-wall system with Sigma20 flush plate

Geberit allows you to plan and implement solutions aesthetically and functionally tailored to the needs of every user. We believe every restroom should be safe, comfortable, accessible, and hygienic. Putting the plumbing hardware inside the wall -- where it belongs -- removes obstacles in the restroom, improving accessibility and increasing usable space. It also makes the restroom easier to clean (and keep clean).

In the finest hotels and restaurants, Geberit helps you pamper your customers to keep them coming back again and again.

  • Geberit toilets in public restrooms

Products for semi-public sanitary facilities have to meet a huge range of demanding requirements, from hygiene and easy maintenance to safety in everyday use and protection against vandalism. Economic considerations play a key role during installation and in everyday use. In addition, the conditions and equipment of a publicly accessible sanitary facility send an unmistakable message: what do the restrooms in your building say about you?

  • Dependable planning
  • Comfort
  • Accessibility
  • Reliability
  • Hygiene
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy service

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  • Geberit in-wall toilet system with Sigma20 flush plate

Geberit in-wall systems let you position the plumbing fixtures wherever design considerations or user needs require. They adapt easily to accommodate a wide variety of fixtures, including toilets, urinals, lavatories, and bidets, from all major ceramic manufacturers. Built-in height adjustment means you can set the lavatory or seat at just the right height. And lifting the plumbing fixtures off the floor opens up the entire floor for easy cleaning, an essential consideration in semi-public spaces like hotels and restaurants. Geberit makes it easy to give everyone a clean, beautiful restroom.

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  • Geberit in-wall toilet systems in a public restroom

Hygienic, clean, and comfortable semi-public toilets are always inviting to users. Touchless Geberit flush controls give an extra layer of protection against the spread of germs and enhance the feeling of convenience and safety.

Geberit offers hands-free flush controls in the following flush plate lines:



  • Touchless flush with Geberit in-wall toilet system

With Geberit hands-free flush actuators, the toilet can be flushed with a simple wave of the hand. For even greater convenience, program the sensor to flush the toilet when the user leaves the area. We also offer hands-free flush plates with manual override.

Geberit offers manual and hands-free flush actuators for toilets and urinals, in matching design families.

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