Wall-hung ToiletFocusing on the essentials

Wall-hung WC for harmonious bathroom design

A wall-hung toilet gives both bathrooms and powder rooms an elegant, attractive appearance.

Stripped-down design

Installing a wall-hung toilet means the tank is concealed behind the wall and you can concentrate on the design of the toilet and flush actuator plate instead. The Geberit product range includes a variety of toilet shapes. Each style comes with its own design so that the toilet blends in harmoniously with the overall design of the bathroom.

Design Meets Function

A positive side effect is that the free floor space underneath the wall-hung toilet makes the bathroom appear larger and cleaning the floor easier. Installing a touchless actuator plate in addition to the wall-hung toilet takes design, hygiene, and cleaning to a whole new level.

Did you know?

The wall-hung WC is a timeless design piece for the modern bathroom. Geberit wall-hung toilet systems have proven their quality for over 50 years now. The frame integrated in the wall and the toilet have a load-bearing capacity of up to 880 lbs (400 kg). Geberit tanks are all blow moulded in one piece, with each individual unit checked several times for leaks before leaving the factory.

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