Wall-hung ToiletsThe easy way to added cleanliness

Choosing a wall-hung toilet in the master bath or guest bathroom means the toilet area can be cleaned quickly and easily as the space under the ceramic fixture remains free and is easily accessible.

Wall-hung WC for uninterrupted floor cleaning

Easier to clean

By installing a concealed toilet tank behind the wall, technical components where dirt can accumulate – such as pipes – remain hidden. As there is no longer anything in the way, uninterrupted and much easier cleaning of the entire floor is then possible. Moreover, the surface of the toilet is also smooth and easily accessible, which makes cleaning the entire bathroom more efficient.

Design Meets Function

When choosing a toilet, the focus is on the relevant functions and the design. Installing a wall-hung fixture means the tank is concealed behind the wall and you can concentrate on the design of the toilet and flush actuator plate instead. Moreover, choosing a toilet with a stain- and germ-resistant coating makes cleaning even easier.

Combining quality with tradition

Geberit concealed systems have been installed in modern bathrooms for over 50 years. The frame integrated in the wall and the toilet have a load-bearing capacity of up to 880 lbs (400 kg). Geberit tanks are all blow moulded in one piece, with each individual unit checked several times for leaks.

Five cleaning benefits on wall-hung toilets:

  • The tank and water supply connections are hidden behind the wall so that only the ceramic fixture has to be cleaned.
  • The floor underneath the toilet is free, making cleaning child’s play. The room also appears larger as a result.
  • The smooth surface of the toilets and the hidden brackets make cleaning a breeze.
  • Some wall-hung toilets are coated with a special finish, which makes the surfaces particularly easy to clean.

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