Freedom for the bathroom

Geberit installation systems

This is how bathrooms are built today
Freedom in designing the space, faster progress at the building site, and cost-effectiveness: that is what your customers expect these days when it comes to planning and building the bathroom. Using the perfectly coordinated components of Geberit installation systems, you can develop customized and economical solutions for any construction project, from remodeling the bathroom to creating sanitary facilities in new buildings, in drywall or solid-wall construction.

Geberit Duofix is the comprehensive range of sanitary systems with universal and self-supporting installation elements in drywall construction. It is suitable for in-wall installations in lightweight stud walls as well as part-height and room-height pre-wall installations, and can be used in new buildings as well as renovations.

More about Geberit Duofix

Geberit in-wall systems for toilets offer a flexible solution. Built-in electrical and water connections mean you can install a system that meets your client's needs today while allowing for future expansion.

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