A classic product turns 50

The Geberit concealed toilet tank: Know-How Installed

In 2014, the Geberit concealed tank celebrated its 50th birthday. With 60 million units sold, it's plumbers, designers, and wholesalers who have made this innovation – launched in 1964 – a true success story. What may appear at first glance to be the inspired brainwave of someone tinkering with a design turned out to be a breakthrough: the first step on the road from the traditional toilet of yesterday to the hygienic, spa-like bathroom of today.

Innovation in bath design
The birth of the concealed toilet tank also provided the spark for the development of pre-wall installation, enabling a previously unimagined level of creative freedom in bathroom applications.

Know-How Installed through partnership
Together with the plumber's knowledge and experience, the concealed tank translates Geberit's motto into genuine quality of life for the end user. Product suggestions and recommended improvements from plumbing professionals have enabled the development of the concealed tank to progress steadily over the past 50+ years. Now, it is equipped for the bathrooms of the future thanks to its increased convenience and unique capabilities.

Innovation for the future
Despite our success, there is no room to rest on our laurels. Even after 50 years, we continue to innovate. Why not try out our products and discover for yourself?