Hygienic and convenient

Urinal systems for semi-public and public areas

Safe operation, aesthetic, economical
Geberit has everything to ensure safe operation and make urinals attractive, economical, and easy to maintain in semi-public and public areas.

Touchless urinal flush controls for improved hygiene and functional safety
Touchless urinal flush controls automatically improve hygiene for the user, resist tampering and vandalism, and ensure that the urinal is rinsed clean. The valve technology in Geberit urinal flush controls is protected by a two-level filter system against staining and always operates safely. Electricity consumption is minimized thanks to the energy-saving servo principle. Reliable distance detection discerns the user at a distance of 4 to 24 inches (10 to 60 cm), regardless of clothing and lighting. This allows space-saving distances to adjoining urinals and walls.

Ready for 1-liter saving technology
Without sacrificing efficient flushing and improved hygiene, the 1-liter flushing technology can be implemented from the urinal flushing controls, the Geberit urinal trap, or a system-tested urinal ceramic. Thanks to targeted and powerful flushing, it even generally costs less to operate than waterless urinals.

Flexible modular concept
A universal installation set for urinal flush controls makes installation particularly easy: the valve and mains adapter are pluggable without the use of tools. An attractive range of Geberit flush plates to match Geberit toilet flush controls is available.