High-quality design

Geberit flush plates

Aesthetics in public restrooms
Geberit flush plates for toilets and urinals complement one another to form design families for harmonious and effective sanitary facility design. With elegant, easy-to-clean surfaces, tried-and-tested function, and durability, they cut a fine figure in public areas. Models are available in die-cast zinc and stainless steel to fulfil the high demands of vandal resistance and durability.

Touchless flush controls: hygienic, convenient, safe
Touchless Geberit flush controls work with a reliable proximity detector, which, in contrast to other methods, reliably detects the user even in changing light conditions or dark clothes. In addition to the automatic flush or flush actuated by a hand motion, a pre-flush can also be programmed, triggering a flush before use, as the user approaches the fixture. Adjustable automatic interval flushing prevents stagnation and ensures greater cleanliness and hygiene. Mechanical flush actuation means that Geberit flush plates remain usable even during a power failure.