A magical glow

Sigma80 flush plate


Price $1448.00

Available to order beginning April 1, 2016!

Features & Specifications

  • Black glass
  • Touchless, sensor-controlled operation
  • Suitable for private or semi-public applications
  • Glass plate can be locked in place for tamper resistance
  • Adjustable interval and auto-flush options
  • Dual-flush built in
  • LED lighting in five user-selectable colors
  • Compatible with 2x4 Geberit in-wall system 111.798.00.1
  • Mains (AC) power required, order 115.861.00.1 transformer separately
  • Includes mounting hardware and servo motor
  • 3-year end customer warranty for delivery of replacement parts*

*Details at Geberit.com (click EN at top of page for warranty information in English)

Additional information:

More about installation and configuration