The basics of delightful bathing

Geberit Bath Waste and Overflows

A perfect fit for any bathroom
Geberit Bath Waste and Overflows (BWOs) are available in a wide range of colors and finishes -- including polished or brushed chrome, white plastic, brass, or oil-rubbed bronze -- to suit your design vision and your client's preferences. No matter the bathroom design, Geberit makes a BWO to match.

Safe, quick, hassle-free installation
Geberit bathtub drains ensure simple, safe installation in almost any construction situation and protect bathtubs of any material from damage.

Quick drainage, protects against clogging
Because they incorporate the well-known Geberit know-how, our BWOs provide optimized flow, thus ensuring a consistently high discharge rate and very good self-cleaning effect. For your clients, this means less time spent cleaning the drain and more time spent enjoying a beautiful bathroom!

A faster fill...

...for a broader range of baths: that’s the big advantage of the Geberit Integrated Cascading Tub Filler and Bath Waste & Overflow (BWO).

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A simple push

Geberit takes care of the details with our elegant, patented PushControl line of Bath Waste and Overflows.

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A dazzling turn

Traditional TurnControl has become the standard in the industry since its introduction over 25 years ago.

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