New Courts of Justice

Electronic urinal and toilet flush controls from Geberit

Court of Justice, Hasselt (BE)

Court of Justice, Hasselt (BE)

Architects Jürgen Mayer H. have erected a new Court of Justice in Hasselt, Belgium, on the city's former railway site. With a look that oscillates between design statement and sculpture, the building carries all the hallmarks of the idiosyncratic Berlin firm. In addition to office space, the Court of Justice houses a police station, courtrooms, and a library for law students. The curved façade is composed of irregularly shaped steel mesh and glass surfaces.

  • Court of Justice, Hasselt (BE), next to the railway station site
  • Court of Justice, Hasselt (BE), entrance

Building owner: SOHA Stedelijke ontwikkelingsmaatschappij, Hasselt (BE), in cooperation with the municipality of Hasselt and Euro Immo Star (BE)
Architects: Jürgen Mayer H., Berlin (DE)
Completion: 9/2013
Plumbers: Borzee nv, Heusden (BE); Peeters & Zonen nv, Bree (BE)

Court of Justice, Eisenstadt (AT)

Court of Justice, Eisenstadt (AT)

Less spectacular in its appearance, the new Court of Justice in Eisenstadt, situated in the Austrian state of Burgenland, focuses on functionality. The building serves as a court and prison simultaneously, with its curtain-like, dark-red metal exterior creating discreet bars. The process of constructing the building placed emphasis on both excellent-quality architecture and sustainability. It fulfils the requirements of Austria's low-energy standard.

  • Court of Justice, Eisenstadt (AT), glass roof
  • Court of Justice, Eisenstadt (AT), cell

Building owner: Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, Vienna (AT)
Architects: YF architekten, Vienna (AT)
Completion: 6/2013
Plumber: BACON, Vienna (AT)

Elegant solutions featuring anti-vandalism measures

Geberit urinal flush controls

Touchless urinal flush controls from Geberit offer users better hygiene in public and semi-public areas. They also ensure that users always encounter a cleanly flushed, hygienic environment. Vandal-resistant features are also a must in public buildings that are heavily frequented, such as the two new buildings in Hasselt and Eisenstadt, which are subject to extensive security regulations. As a result, electronic urinal and toilet flush controls from Geberit have been installed in both locations.

The hidden urinal control is situated discreetly behind the ceramic appliance, leaving unlimited scope for the design of the toilet area and, at the same time, safeguarding the technology that creates effective protection against forcible damage. A sensor integrated into the trap detects whether the urinal has been used and if the water level inside is excessively high or low.