Disruptive background noise completely eliminated

Sound insulation expertise from Geberit

St. Regis Hotel in Abu Dhabi

The five-star St. Regis Saadiyat Island hotel in Abu Dhabi houses 380 luxurious rooms and suites as well as eight restaurants, three lounges and a 2800-square-metre conference space. There are also 259 apartments and 33 villas in a linked residential complex.

Acoustic comfort

In an exclusive holiday resort, everything revolves around comfort, including the need to find peace and relaxation. Disruptive sounds are unwelcome. Therefore, sound insulation is an important factor in acoustic comfort since the sound of running water in technical building systems and pipes can become a particularly unpleasant noise source. Drainage water sounds are among the largest noise sources.

Sound-optimized product materials

The noise generally made by sanitary technology is reduced through the use of sound-optimized product materials. Geberit provides outstanding solutions in this area and was therefore considered from the very beginning for the St. Regis. The Geberit Silent-db20 piping system was a crucial element in the lavish hotel concept. Discharge pipes positioned in areas less sensitive to sound were equipped with Geberit PE.

Comprehensive sound insulation system

The pipes, bends, and branch fittings of the Geberit Silent-db20 drainage system are made of highly sound-optimized plastic which clearly reduces noise transmission. However, it is only possible to meet such high sound insulation requirements in an optimal manner using a system – i.e. in a network of coordinated, sound-insulation-optimized individual components. In conjunction with the Geberit Duofix installation system, the intensive development work at Geberit in the area of fire protection together with the sound insulation guarantee an optimal level of safety for the components in the event of a fire.

System as a unit

All of the important components are already included in this system: concealed flushing systems for the toilet, the fresh or drinking water pipes with the corresponding connections for the bathtub, the shower and washbasin, the waste water pipe system ventilation pipes, and a support system with paneling. Thanks to the holistic approach of the system as a single unit, noise can be substantially reduced and acoustic comfort optimized at the same time.

Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory

Geberit has a unique Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory at its site in Jona, Switzerland. The specially constructed laboratory, where the acoustic characteristics of complete domestic installation systems can be tested, welcomes 5000 to 6000 visitors each year. The main purpose of the different tests is to investigate the transmission of sound to areas in neighboring dwellings. Complex sound transmission in a multi-story residential building is simulated with the aid of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal measurements and is then analyzed in detail. This means that Geberit is continuously working on optimizing existing systems and new developments.