Social aid project, Solomon Islands

Island of Guadalcanal

The Solomon Islands, an island nation in the southwest Pacific, is east of New Guinea and about three hours' flight from Brisbane, Australia. It is also one of the poorest countries in Oceania. This has to do in part with ethnic conflicts, during which the country's infrastructure has been largely destroyed, most recently in 1998. The majority of the Solomon Islands' indigenous population lives a simple life without running water or electricity.

In 2009 Geberit financed two subprojects in full and implemented them in cooperation with the international aid agency ADRA and with the support of Mike Horn and his Pangaea team.

A toilet block and showers, a new water supply system with a pump, pipelines, and water tanks, plus a two-kilometer fresh water pipeline were installed in a primary school located by the ocean (Babaca Village School) on the island of Guadalcanal. A toilet block with four toilets -- with bucket flushing in accordance with local conditions -- as well as two showers including a new waste-water tank system were built for a hospital further inland (New Tenabuti Clinic).

Village residents, hospital staff, and schoolchildren were given information on and trained in basic hygiene and water consumption. In addition, a water and health committee was set up to monitor and ensure sustainability.