Touch or no-touch

Type 10 flush plates

Geberit Type 10 urinal flush plates give you an elegant option for public or semi-public spaces. Choose manual operation or, for public spaces where hygiene is of maximum importance, choose a flush plate with hands-free operation. Type10 hands-free flush plates can be hard-wired or battery operated. An infrared beam instantly detects the presence of a user and automatically flushes the toilet when the user steps away. Reliable distance detection registers the user regardless of clothing and lighting. This allows shorter, space-saving distances to adjacent urinals and walls. Type 10 hands-free flush plates offer adjustable flush volumes as well as other convenience options like automatic trap filling and programmable hygiene flush to prevent stagnation and odor problems.


Stainless steel - Brushed stainless steel finish

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Stainless steel - Brushed stainless steel finish, AC power

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Stainless steel - Brushed stainless steel finish, battery power

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